Exif Info: Supported File Types

Exif Info supports the following file types:

360GoPro 360 video
3FRHasselblad RAW format
3G23rd Gen. Partnership Project 2 audio/video
3GP3rd Gen. Partnership Project audio/video
3GP23rd Gen. Partnership Project 2 audio/video
3GPP3rd Gen. Partnership Project audio/video
AStatic library
AAAudible Audiobook
AAEApple edit information
AAXAudible Enhanced Audiobook
ACFMAdobe Composite Font Metrics
ACRAmerican College of Radiology ACR-NEMA
AFMAdobe Font Metrics
AIAdobe Illustrator
AIFAudio Interchange File Format
AIFCAudio Interchange File Format Compressed
AIFFAudio Interchange File Format
AITAdobe Illustrator
AMFMAdobe Multiple Master Font Metrics
APEMonkey's Audio format
APNGAnimated Portable Network Graphics
ARQSony Alpha Pixel-Shift RAW format
ARWSony Alpha RAW format
ASFMicrosoft Advanced Systems Format
AVIAudio Video Interleaved
AVIFAV1 Image File Format
AZWMobipocket electronic book
AZW3Mobipocket electronic book
BMPWindows Bitmap
BPGBetter Portable Graphics
BTFBig Tagged Image File Format
CHMMicrosoft Compiled HTML format
CIFFCamera Image File Format
COSCapture One Settings
CR2Canon RAW 2 format
CR3Canon RAW 3 format
CRMCanon RAW Movie
CRWCanon RAW format
CS1Sinar CaptureShop 1-Shot RAW
CSVComma-Separated Values
CZIZeiss Integrated Software RAW
DC3Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
DCMDigital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
DCPDNG Camera Profile
DCRKodak Digital Camera RAW
DFONTMacintosh Data fork Font
DIBDevice Independent Bitmap
DICDigital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
DICMDigital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
DIVXDivX media format
DJVDjVu image
DJVUDjVu image
DLLWindows Dynamic Link Library
DNGDigital Negative
DOCMicrosoft Word Document
DOCMOffice Open XML Document Macro-enabled
DOCXOffice Open XML Document
DOTMicrosoft Word Template
DOTMOffice Open XML Document Template Macro-enabled
DOTXOffice Open XML Document Template
DPXDigital Picture Exchange
DR4Canon VRD version 4 Recipe
DS2Digital Speech Standard 2
DSSDigital Speech Standard
DVDigital Video
DVBDigital Video Broadcasting
DYLIBMach-O Dynamic Link Library
EIPCapture One Enhanced Image Package
EPSEncapsulated PostScript Format
EPS2Encapsulated PostScript Format
EPS3Encapsulated PostScript Format
EPSFEncapsulated PostScript Format
EPUBElectronic Publication
ERFEpson Raw Format
EXEWindows executable file
EXIFExchangable Image File Metadata
EXVExiv2 metadata
F4AAdobe Flash Player 9+ Audio
F4BAdobe Flash Player 9+ audio Book
F4PAdobe Flash Player 9+ Protected
F4VAdobe Flash Player 9+ Video
FFFHasselblad Flexible File Format
FITFlexible Image Transport System
FITSFlexible Image Transport System
FLAMacromedia/Adobe Flash project
FLACFree Lossless Audio Codec
FLIFFree Lossless Image Format
FLIRFLIR File Format
FLVFlash Video
FPFFLIR Public image Format
GIFCompuserve Graphics Interchange Format
GPRGeneral Purpose RAW
GZGNU ZIP compressed archive
GZIPGNU ZIP compressed archive
HDPWindows HD Photo
HDRRadiance RGBE High Dynamic Range
HEICHigh Efficiency Image Format still image
HEIFHigh Efficiency Image Format
HIFHigh Efficiency Image Format
HTMHyperText Markup Language
HTMLHyperText Markup Language
ICALiCalendar Schedule
ICCInternational Color Consortium
ICMInternational Color Consortium
ICSiCalendar Schedule
IDMLAdobe InDesign Markup Language
IIQPhase One Intelligent Image Quality RAW
INDAdobe InDesign
INDDAdobe InDesign Document
INDTAdobe InDesign Template
INSPInsta360 Picture
INSVInsta360 Video
INXAdobe InDesign Interchange
ISOISO 9660 disk image
ITCiTunes Cover Flow
J2CJPEG 2000 codestream
J2KJPEG 2000 codestream
JNGJPG Network Graphics
JP2JPEG 2000 file
JPCJPEG 2000 codestream
JPEJoint Photographic Experts Group
JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group
JPFJPEG 2000 file
JPGJoint Photographic Experts Group
JPMJPEG 2000 compound image
JPSJPEG Stereo image
JPXJPEG 2000 with extensions
JSONJavaScript Object Notation
K25Kodak DC25 RAW
KDCKodak Digital Camera RAW
KEYApple Keynote presentation
KTHApple Keynote Theme
LALossless Audio
LFPLytro Light Field Picture
LFRLytro Light Field Picture
LIFLeica Image File
LNKWindows shortcut
LRVLow-Resolution Video
M2TMPEG-2 Transport Stream
M2TSMPEG-2 Transport Stream
M2VMPEG-2 Video
M4AMPEG-4 Audio
M4BMPEG-4 audio Book
M4PMPEG-4 Protected
M4VMPEG-4 Video
MACOSMacOS ._ sidecar file
MAX3D Studio MAX
MEFMamiya (RAW) Electronic Format
MIEMeta Information Encapsulation format
MIFMagick Image File Format
MIFFMagick Image File Format
MKAMatroska Audio
MKSMatroska Subtitle
MKVMatroska Video
MNGMultiple-image Network Graphics
MOBIMobipocket electronic book
MODDSony Picture Motion metadata
MOIMOD Information file
MOSCreo Leaf Mosaic
MOVApple QuickTime movie
MP3MPEG-1 Layer 3 audio
MP4MPEG-4 video
MPCMusepack Audio
MPEGMPEG-1 or MPEG-2 audio/video
MPGMPEG-1 or MPEG-2 audio/video
MPOExtended Multi-Picture format
MQVSony Mobile Quicktime Video
MRCMedical Research Council image
MRWMinolta RAW format
MTSMPEG-2 Transport Stream
MXFMaterial Exchange Format
NEFNikon (RAW) Electronic Format
NEWERCapture One Settings
NKSCNikon Sidecar
NMBTEMPLATEApple Numbers Template
NRWNikon RAW (2)
NUMBERSApple Numbers spreadsheet
ORelocatable Object
ODBOpen Document Database
ODCOpen Document Chart
ODFOpen Document Formula
ODGOpen Document Graphics
ODIOpen Document Image
ODPOpen Document Presentation
ODSOpen Document Spreadsheet
ODTOpen Document Text file
OFROptimFROG audio
OGGOgg Vorbis audio file
OGVOgg Video file
ONPON1 Presets
OPUSOgg Opus audio file
ORFOlympus RAW format
ORIOlympus RAW format
OTFOpen Type Font
PACLossless Predictive Audio Compression
PAGESApple Pages document
PBMPortable BitMap
PCDKodak Photo CD Image Pac
PCTApple PICTure
PCXPC Paintbrush
PDBPalm Database
PDFAdobe Portable Document Format
PEFPentax (RAW) Electronic Format
PFAPostScript Font ASCII
PFBPostScript Font Binary
PFMPrinter Font Metrics
PGFProgressive Graphics File
PGMPortable Gray Map
PLISTApple Property List
PMPSony DSC-F1 Cyber-Shot PMP
PNGPortable Network Graphics
POTMicrosoft PowerPoint Template
POTMOffice Open XML Presentation Template Macro-enabled
POTXOffice Open XML Presentation Template
PPAMOffice Open XML Presentation Addin Macro-enabled
PPAXOffice Open XML Presentation Addin
PPMPortable Pixel Map
PPSMicrosoft PowerPoint Slideshow
PPSMOffice Open XML Presentation Slideshow Macro-enabled
PPSXOffice Open XML Presentation Slideshow
PPTMicrosoft PowerPoint Presentation
PPTMOffice Open XML Presentation Macro-enabled
PPTXOffice Open XML Presentation
PRCPalm Database
PSBPhotoshop Large Document
PSDPhotoshop Document
PSDTPhotoshop Document Template
PSPPaint Shop Pro
PSPFRAMEPaint Shop Pro
PSPIMAGEPaint Shop Pro
PSPSHAPEPaint Shop Pro
PSPTUBEPaint Shop Pro
QIFQuickTime Image File
QTApple QuickTime movie
QTIQuickTime Image File
QTIFQuickTime Image File
R3DRedcode RAW Video
RAReal Audio
RAFFujiFilm RAW Format
RAMReal Audio Metafile
RARRAR Archive
RAWKyocera Contax N Digital RAW or Panasonic RAW
RIFResource Interchange File Format
RIFFResource Interchange File Format
RMReal Media
RMVBReal Media Variable Bitrate
RPMReal Media Plug-in Metafile
RSRCMac OS Resource
RTFRich Text Format
RVReal Video
RW2Panasonic RAW 2
RWZRawzor compressed image
SEQFLIR image Sequence
SKETCHSketch design file
SOShared Object file
SR2Sony RAW Format 2
SRFSony RAW Format
SRWSamsung RAW format
SVGScalable Vector Graphics
SWFShockwave Flash
THMXOffice Open XML Theme
TIFTagged Image File Format
TIFFTagged Image File Format
TORRENTBitTorrent description file
TSMPEG-2 Transport Stream
TTCTrue Type Font Collection
TTFTrue Type Font
TUBPaint Shop Pro
TXTText file
VCARDVirtual Card
VCFVirtual Card
VOBVideo Object
VRDCanon VRD Recipe Data
VSDMicrosoft Visio Drawing
WAVWAVeform (Windows digital audio)
WDPWindows Media Photo
WEBMGoogle Web Movie
WEBPGoogle Web Picture
WMAWindows Media Audio
WMVWindows Media Video
WOFFWeb Open Font Format
WOFF2Web Open Font Format2
WTVWindows recorded TV show
WVWavePack lossless audio
X3FSigma RAW format
XCFGIMP native image format
XHTMLExtensible HyperText Markup Language
XLAMicrosoft Excel Add-in
XLAMOffice Open XML Spreadsheet Add-in Macro-enabled
XLSMicrosoft Excel Spreadsheet
XLSBOffice Open XML Spreadsheet Binary
XLSMOffice Open XML Spreadsheet Macro-enabled
XLSXOffice Open XML Spreadsheet
XLTMicrosoft Excel Template
XLTMOffice Open XML Spreadsheet Template Macro-enabled
XLTXOffice Open XML Spreadsheet Template
XMPExtensible Metadata Platform
ZIPZIP archive

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